What we do

Hallo Huluqo

Water from a new rainwater harvesting tank at the Hallo Huluqo school in Ethiopia

The CIFA Trust supports effective grassroots projects that work directly with vulnerable communities in the northern Kenya/southern Ethiopia border area and in northern Malawi. The Trust operates by working in close partnership with three locally registered partner organisations.

In northern Kenya and southern Ethiopia, we support the work of established local NGOs CIFA Kenya and CIFA Ethiopia. Both organisations assist marginalised pastoralist communities to overcome poverty through support in a range of areas, including access to water, education and livestock health services. The focus of The CIFA Trust’s support here has been assisting in building of primary schools and water harvesting tanks.

In northern Malawi, the Trust is working with local NGO Ungweru on a two-year Scottish Government funded project to assist smallholder farming households to achieve lasting food and nutrition security through a range of activities, including civil governance training, training in farming as a business, access to revolving funds and developing a multi-stakeholder nutrition action plan.

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