Strengthening Citizen Participation for Food and Nutrition Security, Mzimba district

Members of a community in Mzimba district

Committee members from a community in Mzimba District

As of today, Malawi remains one of the poorest countries in the world. In Mzimba district where Ungweru works, around 61% of households live under the national poverty line.

In 2014 The CIFA Trust was introduced to the Malawian NGO Ungweru. Meaning ‘light’ in chitumbuka (a language from the north of Malawi), Ungweru is a local grassroots Malawian-registered NGO which works alongside marginalised communities to improve the quality of life for vulnerable groups in northern Malawi.

In February 2014 we were awarded a two-year grant from the Scottish Government in order to carry out a project working with Ungweru and a number of local partners. The project helped strengthen the ability of vulnerable smallholder farming communities to become food and nutrition secure throughout the year by providing support in productive agriculture and training to equip them with the means to petition for their rights to appropriate agricultural services.

We continue to support the communities working closely with our partner organisation, Ungweru. Our latest areas of support are helping households to secure a better income through irrigation farming. For the latest updates head over to our Facebook Page.