Kenya and Ethiopia

A water tank in Malab Primary School

A water tank in Malab Primary School

The CIFA Trust was originally established to provide strategic and financial support to the work of CIFA Kenya and CIFA Ethiopia. Both organisations were set up following a 12-year FARM-Africa project – the Pastoralist Development Programme – which worked with nomadic pastoralists.

The Trust currently supports the work of its local partners through focusing on the construction and management of rainwater harvesting tanks and building of primary schools. These two areas were identified as priorities of local communities during a participatory needs assessment.

Since the Trust was registered back in 2006 it has provided support for the construction of five primary schools and over five rainwater harvesting tanks. The schools are equipped and staffed by the Ministry of Education, and the parents have also contributed, for example, through the provision of locally available building materials such as stones and sand.


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