Get involved as an individual

If you share our passion and interest for making a difference, why not get involved in the work of The CIFA Trust? It is hugely rewarding and satisfying and there are lots of ways you can get involved.

Raising funds

One obvious way of offering your support is by helping to raise funds for The CIFA Trust. You could do this by simply donating to The CIFA Trust, or you could raise funds in other ways. For example, you could:

  • Do a sponsored run, parachute jump, trek, swim, or anything else you think people will sponsor you for;
  • Organise a concert or musical event
  • Set up a stall selling cakes or other goods at a local event, such as a village fete
Raising awareness
You don’t have to donate to support our work. Here are some other ways of getting involved:
  • Offer your time by volunteering with us
  • Like us on Facebook
  • Follow us on Twitter
  • Tell your friends about the situation in Ethiopia and Kenya and what CIFA is doing to help
  • Set up / arrange a talk at your local group
  • If you need any help, guidance or literature in organising your event please contact us.